What is the Minority Traveler? Why This Site Was Created?

In case you were wondering, that is Dutch from the anime Black Lagoon

Thanks for stopping by the Minority┬áTraveler Blog. I’m Phil aka the Minority Traveler, aka the Black Expat, aka the 6thRaikage and yes this is another typical blog by a newly English Teacher going to South Korea. But trust me, this will not be like every other Korea expat blog that may have read. This blog has a bigger purpose.

Here at the Minority┬áTraveler, you will information as to what its like to be a African American traveling the world, working in different countries. There’s also various reviews and thoughts on all things nerdy from Comics, Manga, Anime and yes Video games to mix it up some. Here you will find stories that will ┬ákeep you the reader, engaged with its incredible plots.

lenny face

Besides allowing family and friends back in the USA to see what adventure I’m getting into. This site, as mentioned before, has a much larger purpose. What motivated me to create this blog is because there is too few blogs from a black persons perspective when it comes to travel. Out of the many travel blogs and websites that were created by current or former ESL teachers, many of them were from Caucasians. Don’t get me wrong, each of these sites as well as various YouTube videos, did provide great information into life as an English Teacher in South Korea and other countries. I noticed that each of the blogs I found, it seem to sugarcoat what it was like living in Korea or seem to paint a pretty picture that everything is great. One thing about me, I hate it when people do that…

Unfortunately, I really could not relate to it as much. I was disappointed by the lack of blogs and websites from the perspective of an African American or minorities in general. I’m able to relate and understand more from others who look like me or just non Caucasian. Since they can truly explain what its like to live or travel to another country. I managed to find some information from older forums and discontinued blogs, but it wasn’t enough. Eventually I found some websites and Facebook groups but again there is few of them.

I’m sure there are more coming as time goes on and more minorities are traveling outside the USA, but we need more. That is what the blog is for. To give an honest( no bulls@%#) perspective on what its like to not only work in Korea, but whats it like to be a traveling minority. My hope for this site is to encourage everyone, especially my fellow black people and other minorities in the USA, to travel. To go see the world and not be afraid of what you hear in the news.

Stay tuned for more content in the coming weeks.


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