The First 48 Hours

As of this post I have officially lived in Korea for a full week. So many things occurred during the first 48 hours of being in Korea. So here’s the gist of what happened. I left Columbia Thursday May 19th and landed in Korea on Friday afternoon. While flying to Korea, I experienced a hell that no tall person should go though20160519_075940I had to endure a 4 hour flight from Atlanta to Seattle in a middle seat with no leg room. I lost count of how many times I had to get up and move around in the plane. I’m sure the passenger sitting next to me was a little annoyed but thankfully he understood.I swore to myself to never again have a seat that has no room.Once I landed in Seattle I bolted to the next gate to get a good seat. I managed to get the last seat that had enough leg room. After about a 25 hour flight from Columbia, South Carolina to the Incheon International Airport in Incheon, South Korea I was ready for the experience of a lifetime. The first thing I learned about Korea is that the drivers crazy!! So many times i thought we were going to crash. And I think he went though a red light once. This applies to all drivers in Korea, even the delivery drivers on mopeds. In others no f&@$’s are given when it comes to drivimg in Korea.

After a five hour bus ride to Jinju wondering will I live, I met my boss and he took me out for food.20160520_225859Believe or not Koreans love chicken, especially chicken wings, more than black people.

After retiring for the night in love motel( yes a love motel, my boss put me there) I had to explore my new city. Saturday, I  ended up walking around the area, looking at the various restaurants and shops. As I walked, unsurprisingly the locals were staring. Some would point while others would gasp as I walked pass them. I knew this would occur since many Korea is a homogeneous nation.2438554-puella_magi_madoka_magica-06-kyubey-staring

Kyubey from Puella Magi Madoka Magica basically describes how the locals were staring.

I walked into a Japanese restaurant, where I met some foreigners and their Korean friends who were throwing a goodbye party for one of their friends. They offered me to join them for lunch and showed me around town. Later that day we went to a  Taekkyon dojo. I’ll admit it was exciting to be able to kick again since my days at the Winthrop University Taekwondo Club. I definitively plan on signing up for the classes in the future. Later we got more food, and also met more expats who were also English Teachers. Eventually I met up with my director and we finally went to my new apartment where I stayed for the rest of the evening.

Sunday, I met up with the same people and they invited me to a game day at a coffee shop near the university. I’ll admit the place has a hold of me. I can see why they enjoy coming here.


Afterwards, we all went to an Italian restaurant not far from the coffee shop and the food was amazing! I was willing to buy another plate to take home. Eventually we all went our separate ways and I went home  via transit bus, for the day to prepare for my first day of work. More on that later.

There is much more to the story of the Minority Traveler so stay tuned for the next post.


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