7 Games From E3 2016 I look Forward To

Another E3 come and gone. There were good things and as usual weird or bad things that occurred. This year we saw major gaming publishers EA,Bethesda and others pull out and have their own presentations. But more importantly, as as gamer all I cared about was the games. Being a day ahead in Korea, I would watch the trailers in the morning before work. There were many games that I’m interested in playing. In no particular order, here are 7 games from E3 2016 I am hyped for.

  1. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Even though I played Human Revolution in the Deus Ex franchise I can see why many people enjoy the series. After playing Human Revolution it became one of my favorite games of all time. Mankind Divided takes place two years after Human Revolution. Players take control of Adam Jensen a former private security officer now working at Interpol. Jensen is working to stop a terrorist group of augmented humans from their next plot. Since cyberpunk is one of my favorite genres I am hyped for this game.

2) Injustice 2Out of all the genres of games, fighting games are one of my favorites. When Injustice:Gods Among Us came out in 2013 I was hesitant at first but changed my mind since NetherRealm Studios(the studio behind Mortal Kombat 9) was behind it. Since they know how to make a great fighting game.Injustice 2 takes place after the events of the first Injustice and new events come up that could put the world in danger.From the demo at E3 we saw Batman, Superman and Aquaman make a return and I’m sure Aquaman will be overpowered again. We even see new characters to Injustice such as Atrocitus, Supergirl and Gorilla Grodd. Personally I hope to see Static Shock and Black Manta as DLC characters.

3) Tekken 7Though I grew up on Nintendo, I always had friends who grew up on PlayStation. And you can’t have a PlayStation without Tekken in the library. I wouldn’t get back into Tekken until college with Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Playing against tough opponents in the DiGiorgio Campus Center and the occasional scrub who played with Lars. Coming to Korea and playing against Korean players in the arcades fueled my competitive nature in the series and made me hype for Tekken 7. With Akuma from Street Fighter being a playable character I look forward to playing against other Koreans.

4) Battlefield 1I’ll admit I used to be somewhat of a fanboy when it came to Call of Duty. But once I got my hands on Battlefield 3, I spent more time in Battlefield than any of the COD games. I love how open the maps are, using vehicles and of course the destruction. More than you can do in COD but I digress. Battlefield 1 goes back in time to World War 1 and it looks pretty awesome. I look forward to using a shovel to destroy other players and the idea of riding on a horse sounds like fun. But I will wait before buying because I have not forgotten about Battlefield 4 launch.  And also being an EA game I’m sure there will be DLC sadly.

5) South Park The Fractured But WholeWhen the Stick Of Truth was released in 2014, I was excited to play an potentially good South Park game. With Matt Stone and Trey Parker heavily involved, it quickly became one of my favorite games of the year if not all time. I never laughed at a game so hard until I played Stick of Truth. It felt as though I was playing a full season of South Park. Fractured But Whole continues the events of the Stick of Truth where now the kids of South Park are playing superheroes. With the Coon and Mysterion making a return, the Fractured But Whole is something I’m looking forward to.

6) Persona 5I was introduced to the Persona franchise through the fighting spin-off Persona 4 Ultimax in 2014 and eventually I watched the anime Persona 4 then started to play the game in 2015(still working on that game).What makes the series stand out is the social interactions that occur in the world of Persona which in turn affects how your characters level up. Persona 5 will have players will go to school, take classes and create stronger bonds with other characters. What the new entry is bringing to the table is new dungeon layouts with stealth and platforming options, more social options. I love the new art style Atlus Studio is going with and how they are using red in unique varieties. Even though the game does not come out until February 2017, at least it will give me time to finish Persona 4.

7)Final Fantasy XVNot going to lie, with the games history, I thought it would never get released. After playing both demos of Final Fantasy XV and seeing the new gameplay from the live stream, it became my favorite game out of E3 2016. Plus with the anime Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV providing backstory of the characters. I love how the game is able to blend both magic and modern day technology. The possibility of going from using summons to driving a car and exploring the world of Eos. With the game being released on September 30, 2016, I may call in sick just to play all day.

Well I did say in my first post that the Minority Traveler will do more than just travel stuff. But don’t worry in the next blog post will cover blend both games and travel. So stay tuned to the Minority Traveler and happy gaming.


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