The PC Bang…A Gamer’s Paradise

Apologize for the delay but I would rather provide a quality story that is not rushed or half-assed. 
After being a in Korea for some time, I had to check out the famous PC Bang. Personally I never been a PC player but I always wanted to get into it. For those who don’t know, a PC Bang is a LAN gaming center where gamers young and old can come play any PC game for an hourly fee. From the preinstalled Blizzard games(including Overwatch) to other League of Legends, players can get their PC gaming fix. It’s great for people like who don’t have their own gaming rig. You can many PC Bang’s all over the Asian continent, especially in Korea.

How it works is, the player walks into the cafe, pick a number to log into the PC and then go crazy for as long as you want.

 One major grip I have with the Korea overall is the fact they still use Internet Explorer for everything. I refuse to use that browser so I always download Chrome. But before I go off on a rant, once you log in this the home screen for the average PC Bang.

 제목 없음

As mentioned before, players can play whatever they so desire. Feel like playing an MMO or League, go for it. Want to play something from your Steam library? Just download Steam to the PC any have fun. Or if you don’t have any money like me you can always play Blizzard games like Diablo or Hero’s of the Storm. 제목 없음 (2)I’m sure you’re wondering how much does this all cost, it can’t be cheap. But thats where your’re wrong. After going to multiple PC Bang’s the average cost was about 1,200 won/hour or about $1.04/hour. So its possible to have a gaming session without hurting your wallet so much. Many PC Bang’s offer snacks or even cooked meals depending on where you go and you can eat while playing.

Not surprisingly the main game Koreans are playing is Overwatch and to be honest…..I don’t blame them. It’s so much fun. Majority of my students talk about the game.

Though in order to play you have to play in the Asia region whereas if I wanted to play in American region I need to buy the game. Odd yes but what can you do.

If you ever come to Asia or visit Korea go check out a PC Bang when you get a chance.Now if you will excuse me I need to get back to sniping with my girl Widowmaker. 


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