Thoughts on the Battlefield 1 Beta

The second week of September was and interesting week. We finally got into the basement in Shingeki no Kyojin and the results was very surprising. One of my favorite characters died in the newest episode Danganronpa Future arc. As of now…..Im still not over it. Why is raining outside?

Image result for roy mustang crying
This scene to this day puts me in tears(Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

The only highlight of this week was playing the beta for Battlefield 1. I can honestly say I had a good time, but I am hesitant to pick this game up when it releases on October 21. Even though there was one map, it provided an idea of whats to come. So here are my thoughts of the beta. Keep in mind I only played on the PS4. I had issues trying to download and play on PC in multiple PC Bangs.


The vehicles and weapons were historically accurate to the World War setting of Battlefield 1. I played all four classes and I enjoyed playing the Scout and Support the most. Then again I did play those classes in Battlefield 3 & 4. I wish players had a chance to try different attachments but that was unavailable in the beta. Since the setting was in WW1 the weapons and vehicles fired and moved as if it was during the Great War. Using the iron sights required extra skill and the tanks moved and aimed as if they did during this time.

The Destruction was amazing. One thing I love about the Battlefield series is the destruction and oh man is it there. Using a tank to blow a hole in the house to stop campers felt amazing. Its possible to make cover in the sand for your teammates which can come in handy at times.

Lastly the weather effects had a major impact on the gameplay. One moment its sunny and clear and a few minutes later, a sandstorm comes in and it changes the game. It makes the players change their strategy and keep moving. And that right there is why I love the series. It can keep a player on their toes


Despite being a beta there are two things that I hope DICE mange to fix before the release. The bayonet charge(and pardon my Italian) was absolute BULLSHIT!! So many times I fired my weapon at a guy charging at me and I would die every time. Even after emptying a full clip into him or getting a headshot I died. Also the horses need less health. The horses had the armor of a heavy tank. Unless your have a tank or in a plane, it was not easy to take it down. Hopefully this will be fixed before the game is out.

Overall I had fun with the beta. The historic accuracy was was great in terms of weapons and vehicles. The destruction was on point and I feel this game has potential. However, I am not in a rush to buy this game day one. After what happened with Battlefield 4 and the publisher being EA after all, I’ll wait for the price to drop and the bugs to be ironed out before playing this game.


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