Favorite villains from Comics and Manga

With any story there is always a protagonist and an antagonist aka the villain. No matter what the medium of entertainment they’re from, a great antagonist can help tell a great story. They motivate the protagonist to do defeat them, to get stronger, to bring hope to others in their world. Or are just crazy just because. Here are some of my personal favorites from Comics and Manga. Be advised, there will be minor spoilers, so tread carefully.

1) Coach Boss( Southern Bastards)Image result for coach boss southern bastardsIn any medium there is always a person who is willing to do anything to accomplish their goals. Whether the goal is power, wealth, certain position of power or whatever. Coach Boss is willing to do anything for Football. If there is one thing I know about living in the South is that Southerners LOVE American Football. Be it High school, College or NFL level, Southern folk love that game. Hell I’ll argue that Southerners love football more than church. Despite not going to college, he is fine being a coach and no one will take it away from him. He is a man willing to get his hands dirty for football. He even killed his own father, the man responsible for screwing Boss’s chance of playing college football. Everyone in town knows how corrupt and dirty Boss is but they look the other way…all because he leads the team to State Championship every year.

2) Light Yagami(Death Note)Image result for light yagami evil You know the old saying power tends to corrupt. Even those who were trying to do right can be corrupt when they taste power. Especially if you have the Death Note which is one of the most powerful items in fiction. If you never seen the show(Highly recommend it) the Death Note allows the user to well cause a persons death, as long as the user can see the persons name and face. Light Yagami started out as a good kid until he picked up the notebook. After that it was a wrap and he went down a dark path of corruption. Under the alias of Kira, he killed many people(mainly criminals) and managed to gain a cult following around the world. If you like a good thriller with crazy twists and put you on the edge of your seat, go watch Death Note.

3)Nagato/Pain [Naruto]Image result for nagato pain almighty push

Before becoming Pain, Nagato was just a regular kid until his village was caught up in the middle of the Second Shinobi World War. During this time, he became an orphan and eventually met the other orphans Yahiko and Konan. Evenutally he met my boy Jiraiya who mentored and trained the trio to defend themselves. Later on he would encounter more tragedy and loss which lead him to become Pain. His goal was to create a world without pain and was willing to do whatever it takes. And lets not forget he decimated the Hidden Leaf village and stabbed Hinata. All this caused Naruto to go berserk. Oh and speaking of berserk………

4)Griffith (Berserk)Image result for griffith berserk A man who wants his own country. He is a man who does not take rejection well. Griffith was the leader of the band of Hawks mercenary group. And was well loved in the group and was respected by Guts. But when Guts decides to go solo and Caska, a girl he had feelings leaves with him. Not to mention after being brutally tortured and having his tongue cut out….Griffith cant take no for an answer. So much so he literally sacrifice his entire mercenary to become a demon. And worse what he did to Caska in front of Guts…Guts is understandably out for revenge. And the worst part….No one except Guts and a few others know what Griffith has done.

5)Shou Tucker(Fullmetal Alchemist)Image result for shou tucker

Im sure you seen the meme of a little girl and her dog or this guy. You look at him and think, what did he do to become a meme. He has no powers but is a brilliant alchemist who managed to create a chimera. How he did it made Tucker the most hated villain in the anime community. Now if you will excuse, the feels are coming back and I need a tissue.

6)The Joker(DC Comics)Image result for the joker If there is 1 person that scares everyone on earth its The Joker. When I say everyone, I mean both Heros and Villians in the DCU. Unlike every villian who is predictable and has a motive, He’s so unpredictable that no one wants to mess with him. Apparently if villains wanted to scare each other they would tell stories about the Joker. Heck in one universe, he tricked Superman into killing Lois Lane and his unborn child. This lead him to become evil in Injustice: Gods Among Us universe. Plus Mark Hamill aka Luke Skywalker as his voice actor…so good.

7)The Major(Hellsing Ultimate)Image result for the major My readers……there have been many German villains who were Nazi soldiers. From Red Skull of the Marvel Universe(Hail Hydra!!) to the crazy richtofn from Black Ops Zombies. Out of the many Nazi villains out there, one has stood out to me personally. I do not like the Major….I Love The Major. I love how cold and calculating he is. I love how he waited 50 years to exact his revenge. I how he patiently waited and created a Nazi vampire army. All done with a smile on his fat face. He manged to sink London into deep despair…but not as much despair as the next person on my list.

9)Junko Enoshima(Danganronpa)Image result for junko enoshima gif

I’ll admit I was debating if I wanted to put her on the list since she was from a game. But since Danganronpa has a manga adaptation I’m willing to look the other way. What she has done is unbelievable. Many villains want to to destroy the world, take over the world, revenge on a village or nation for their tragic back story, or power and wealth. But not Junko. (Insert Spoiler Alert) her goal was to put the world in despair. Was it for revenge? Wealth? Power? Nope….she just wanted the world to be in despair. She alone caused The Biggest, Most Awful, Most Tragic Event in Human History. Causing a class to murder each other and brainwashing the class of 76 to become the Remnants of Despair and wreak havoc around the world. Blackmailed the administration staff at Hopes Peak Academy for their illegal/unethical experiments. Hell she managed to manipulate young children to join her side and made them kill adults. And causing war and anarchy on Earth. All for the sake of despair and despair alone.

10)Marshell D. Teach aka Blackbeard(One Piece)Image result for blackbeard one piece gif

You know the saying that looks can be deceiving right? So imagine meeting this guy at a bar having a chat right and gives you sound advice right. And you think you never see him again. But it turns out he manged to not only defeat Ace the 2nd Division Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates(and one of my favorite characters in One Piece) and turned him into the World Government to be executed to become a warlord. This act alone caused the Great Pirate war. Whats worse he managed to kill Whitebeard and steal his Tremor Tremor power. He is one crafty bastard with a great laugh to boot and I look forward to the day when he and Luffy duke it out.


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