Places I Want To Visit in 2017

2017 for me will be the year to travel. Although there will be less holidays to take advantage, I plan to use what vacation I get to see the world, try new foods and maybe shop around. But its for the food in the end. If I plan this right, I’m sure I can hit all of these places on my list. And if not there is always next year.

Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

Image result for kota kinabalu what to do
One of the mosque’s in KK

Admittedly I wanted to check out Kuala Lumpur first but when I was comparing prices between KL and KK via SkyScanner , Kota was $100 cheaper. After doing some research, I think this is where I should go for Lunar New Years. Seeing pictures of the city food stands and the beaches has raised my curiosity and also being the cheaper option, KK will be on the travel list of 2017.

Medellin, Columbia

Image result for medellin colombia

When you hear about the country of Columbia, like you I thought of the bad blood spilt due to drugs. After watching Narchos(I personally recommend it) I did some research on the country. Seeing the country trying to revamp its image and seeing pictures of black expats traveling there has made me curious. If they had a good time there, why cant I?

Tokyo, Japan

Image result for akihabara japan

As a fan of anime and gaming, Japan has been on my travel list for so long. The chance to be in the land Berserk, Tekken, Naruto, etc is a weeaboo’s wet dream. I definitely look forward to the day when I visit the land of the rising sun once it warms up. What makes Tokyo more attractive is the fact  I can take a ferry from Korea to Japan. the Next 3 day holiday comes around, I’m heading to Japan.

Barcelona, SpainImage result for barcelona spainBarcelona will definitely a summer trip I hope to take. Out of the countries in Europe, Spain has been a high priority for me. Plus it gives me more of a reason to learn Spanish again. What made me interested in this city was due to THUG 2(Tony Hawk Underground 2). Pulling of combos, grinding on the colorful benches, made me curious about the country. The power of video games help fuel my travel interest. Does it sound lame? Of course but everyone has a reason to travel and see the world.


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