Games I’m Hyped for in 2017

Its no secret that I am a huge gamer. From fighting games to visual novels, I’m very open to all types of games. Except sports games, since they always come out EVERY year! But I digress. 2017 has so far been a great year with some games such as Horizon Zero Dawn. and there some games that has my body ready for. Yes there is Zelda Breath of the Wild, but I can wait to get a Nintendo Switch. While I do that, I’ll be playing these games.

Persona 5

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WIth its vibrant colors, the characters, themes, and art style, Person 5 has caught my attention ever since it was announced. Like the previous titles, Persona 5 follows a main character in modern day Japan, goes to school during the day, and fight monsters in the afternoon. Each game had its own theme and color. Persona 4 had yellow color and dealt with the true self and identity. P5 has a red color and focuses on freedom and not following societal norms. Since it has been released, I put at about 30 hours in at the time of this post.

Tekken 7

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Even though I wasn’t the PlayStation kid growing up(#N64kid) I always knew someone who had a PS1 and Tekken 3. I didnt get back into the series until Tag Tournament 2 and been playing ever since. Lucky for me, being in Korea I had a chance to play Tekken 7 in the arcades. And my god…….this game is amazing! Tekken 7 feels faster, and more responsive. As of now, my favorite characters are Master Raven and Shaheen. I plan to master this game and destroy my friends back home once its released.

Injustice 2

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When the first Injustice came out, I had a blast playing with Green Arrow, Nightwing and other DC characters. Since it was made by Netherrealm Studios(the guys behind Mortal Kombat), I have complete faith with any game they make. I look forward to playing the campaign and seeing what Superman will do after everything he did in the previous game. I’m also excited to read the comic and see what is happening in the background. Hell the Injustice games are the reason I got into US comics and graphic novels.

South Park The Fractured But Whole

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South Park has been one of my favorite tv shows. With its no fuck given and willing to be honest and provide social commentary on a various issues, Matt Stone and Trey Parker always made me laugh and think about an issue in a different light. With the first game The Stick of Truth, released in 2014, I never laughed so hard at a game. It felt as though I was watching a season of the show. Even though the game has been delayed multiple times, I know The Fractured But Whole with be worth the wait. I look foward to playing essentially another season of South Park and laugh my ass off.

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy


Ask any 90s baby to name some of their favorite games. Yes there is Pokemon, Zelda, Mario, Sonic. And then there is Crash Bandicoot. Usually I get a little excited when a remake is announced. With Crash getting the PS4 remake treatment, I got hyped!! besides the nostalgia, I finally get a chance to play Crash 1 and 2 after all these years.

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

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I love me some fighting games. One of my all time fighting games is the Marvel vs Capcom series. Every time I saw MVC 1 or 2 in the arcades, all of my quarters(or tokens) would go to those games. Being able to create a duo(or trio) teams with multiple from the Marvel and Capcom universe is an amazing feeling and winning with an oddball team is even a better feeling. I was worried that there will never be another MVC due to Capcom wasn’t able to renew the Marvel license. I hope the roster is bigger than MVC 3. Hell I would lose my mind if the new roster would be as big as MVC 2.

Danganronpa v3

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I gotta admit by far, Daganronpa v3 is the one game I’m very excited to play. As a huge fan of the series, Danganronpa has always shocked me and made me shed a tear of some of the favorite characters. Like the previous two titles, you play as a protagonist with a special talent. Eventually you meet other students with unique and special talents like the ultimate chef or the ultimate swimmer. Eventually the antagonist, Monokuma provides a motive for the students to commit a murder. Following the murder there is a trial and from there is what makes the series shine. If you pick the wrong person, the killer goes free and everyone dies. Guess correctly and the killer dies in a horrific but ironic death…. and then the feels come in, after you seeing your favorite character you made a fanfiction……………sorry had to stop myself.

2017 will definitely be a great year for games. What are some of your favorite titles you’re looking forward to?


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