Thanks Chester Bennington R.I.P

I was introduced to Linkin Park on the original Xbox. When I was living with my pops and his roommates who was a huge gaming nerd, a kid from a church I went to, brought their copy of Hybrid Theory by Linkin Park. They played the album while we would play Amp or Halo. But as I listened to the songs and nodding my head to Shinoda rapping In The End and A Place For My Head. Then came an amazing singer whose voice resonated with me to this day. Hearing Chester Bennington sing the chorus, I would sing along as well. When I heard the news that he died, I was on the verge of tears. No artist or celebrity has had an impact on me ever. His songs that dealt with things that every young person went through. Heck the collaboration with Jayz was one of the best collaboration of artist in history.

For Those Who Were Different

Im sure like many Linkin Park fans, some of us, including myslef, were the oddballs. That didnt fit into societl norms. Whether they had a goth metal phase. Or just wanted to fit in, but not by society’s way. Me Im no sports person and hell in the worst basketball player out there. .Chesters songs resonated with me during rough periods of my life. Helped me relized i have to keep going. When you hear his pain in the lyrics, it reminded me of my struggles and i wasnt alone. That i have to push on.

Introduction to Rock Genre in General.

Not gonna lie Linkin Park introduced me to the rock genre whole. From Green Day to Evanescence or Three Days Grace(before Adam left). I would’ve never been introduced to Disturbed or the other bands if it was for LP. Of course I kept it secret so I wouldn’t get made fun of. But the mixture of Alternative and Hip Hop made me enjoy LP even more. A Place For My Head continues to be one of my favorite songs of all time.

So on behalf of all the LP fans who were the societal outcast who don’t follow trends, Thank You Chester Bennington and Linkin Park. Hope you can rest easy now. I hope You finally broke your habit and found peace somewhere.


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