Chicken In Korea…A Golden Fried Treasure

One of the few perks about living in Korea is the food. And one particular food that is popular with Koreans and Foreigners is chicken. The word Obsession couldn’t describe South Koreans love for the fried goodness. There are many brands of take-out chicken in Korea. And it’s an industry that can rake in around four billion dollars according to munchies, so the competition is FIERCE. If a company isn’t innovative, be it the menu or location, they will be closing their doors.

In the black community, you can find a liquor store on every corner. This is definitely true in South Korea. No matter what city you live in, be it Seoul or to the country side. There is a chicken restaurant somewhere if not it’s close to the apartments, most likely around the block. Everyone one from office workers to expats will order chicken and beer on the side. There are thousands of franchises that can be be found around the country. But with any restaurant that specializes in takeout, its all about finding your spot.

As mentioned before, you can find a chicken restaurant almost everywhere. And majority of them offer delivery.

You can see mopeds outside the restaurant ready to go once an orders ready. I can’t order take out due to language barrier so I just walk to the restaurant. Which does burn some calories before eating fried chicken dipped in sauce. I’ll admit, Korea knows how to do fried chicken. Many restaurants will either dip their chicken in the sauce or have it on the side. AND MY GOD ITS DELICIOUS. As a black man from the south they get the seal of approval.

What makes Korean chicken different than US style is the breading. US Southern Style is thicker and more brown, giving it a crunch sound to it. Dear god I miss it! Usually the price varies by the restaurant. Some joints will costs about $10. Others with bigger portions for more people can cost about $20. Though it can be worth it. Especially for a chicken restaurant that specializes in Chicken AND PIZZA. Yes you read that right, Korea has a restaurant that does a set of chicken and pizza!


Its very common for chicken restaurants to open up and eventually shut down from the competition. From multiple websites and personal observation, there is a very low barrier of entry. Anyone can open a chicken spot if they have the capital. But its not easy to run. From the competition, anyone can be wiped out and the return on investment can be low.

From an article by PRI, a franchise owner admitted he never sees a profit after expenses. What’s interesting is majority of all the chicken restaurants I have seen or ate at, was ran by older Koreans. apparently is the societal norm when a person is in their fifties(or forties), its common for Korean to be forcefully retired and open a chicken restaurant.

If you ever come to Korea, for vacation or work, the golden fried bird will be part of your diet. Heck I order some every weekend or doing the week when I finish late and too lazy to cook. Its great to eat some delicious chicken and watch the latest episode of Dragon Ball Super. Korea’s chicken is so good I may stay longer than I planned. If your in Korea, what’s your favorite spot?


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