Lets Go Bike Riding

When my co-teacher said he was leaving and was working to sell his bike for $100 I had to take advantage of it. And it was perfect timing since I was looking into buying a bike. I wanted to get around Masan at a faster, cheaper way than waiting on the bus. So after he left, I started riding to work on my new bike. Even on long day, I still ride and ride.

One of the longest bike rides I went on was a ride from Masan to Changwon. That was about a 11km ride that took an hour both ways. And it was nice slow things down and enjoy the scenery. And also hatch a ton of eggs in Pokemon Go.

About a week ago o finally managed to complete a goal of mine. I remember riding the express bus terminal to Busan and I would look out the window and I saw this little park under the bridge

To satisfy my curiosity I went out all day Sunday to find it and was about to give up when I decided to try one last time. And I got lucky.

So I hung out there for a bit taking photos and getting stares from the children there. They kept asking questions and would’ve love to answer them but I don’t know Korean yet.

After walking around I decided to call it quits and head back home. I could see myself coming back and reading a book. Hell I might try it during Chusock. If you ever live abroad, especially in Asia I recommend buying or renting a bike and explore your surroundings. You may find something you like.


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